Friday, June 1, 2007

The Fires Within: Acid caused Inflammation as the cause of Most Disease

Follow up to the Post on Alzheimer's.

In a February 23 2004 front page article in Time Magazine there was an article entitled:
The Fires Within.

When people ask me why I test my pH daily with pH paper,I mention The Fires Within article.

The premise of the article is that Inflammation in the Human Body is the probable source of all disease.The article was by Christine Gorman and is available from Time magazine as a download at Time Archives.The article is 8 web pages long and filled with brilliant insights into the acid and alkaline balance of the human body.

Here is a nugget from the Time article:

"Indeed, half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. Not only that, as imaging techniques improved, doctors found, much to their surprise, that the most dangerous plaques weren't necessarily all that large."

My thoughts:
The article is laced with references to Drugs.Yet it hints that drugs are not the solution but that Lifestyle and Diet are.

I recommend :
  1. Watch the Charlie Rose Show Interview of Christine Gorman,Dr. Peter Libby and Dr. Valentine Fuster.
  • The show is 28 minutes long.
  • The Show date was 02/17/2004

In case the link is broken in the above Link Charlie Rose Show Interview :

The website to find the Archived show is:

Then in the search box enter: Christine Gorman / Check as a search for: Guest

The Tag Line on the Video will be : A discussion about chronic inflammation.

When I watched the show after Reading the Time Magazine article,I was elated that the spell of ;Feel Bad,take a Drug, is being dispelled.
I buried my father from the effects of Prostate cancer and several heart attacks.
My father was a classic case of an acidic lifestyle.Acid reflux,heart disease.high blood pressure,overweight and stress were his constant companions until his death at 55 years of age.From age 7 until when I was 19,when he died,I learned first hand about Drugs ,medicine,surgery and Lifestyle.
Later on in my life when I met people who lived a Healthy Lifestyle, I saw the proof of the connection between Healthy Lifestyle and being disease free.
In my opinion:
Testing your pH daily is one of the simplest and easy ways to determine how well you are doing in living a Optimal Healthy Life.

For literaly pennies a day you can have your pH test results in Hand (pun intended), within seconds, 30 seconds being the time for the pH paper to give an indication.

For How to Live the Alkaline Lifestyle.

For How To pH Test

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