Monday, June 11, 2007

pH and Fertility

Did you know that for Human conception to occur Both the Sperm and Egg must be at exactly 7.4 pH?
Not 7.0, not 7.7 but 7.4 which is slightly Alkaline. It is amazing that the beginning of Human Life starts in an Alkaline environment, or it doesn’t start at all!

One of the Secrets to a long and healthy Life is to live an Alkaline Lifestyle.

Because the Vagina and Uterus in a woman are part of their body, it is obvious that there will be a connection to the pH of those organs with the overall pH of the Entire Human Body.

For example: If you jump in the ocean and the temperature of the ocean is 68 degrees and you are 98.6 degrees, eventually you are going to be 68 degrees. The ocean is not going to be warmed by you, but you are going to be cooled by it to its temperature of 68 degrees.
Just like you in the example above, the reproductive organs can only sustain their proper pH environment if the general body pH level is in the right range.

Once the body’s pH range becomes acidic so will the various organs in the body.
On the premise that being overweight is the body’s response to too high a level of general body Acidity, that would explain why in the South Florida Area, the number one stated reason for women having Bariatric Surgery is to be able to have children. The reasons why female fertility decreases or stops, in relation to body fat and pH levels, are explained more fully in a book entitled:
Female Fertility and the Body Fat Connection by Rose Frisch
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If you are having Fertility problems, I recommend both the man and woman read the Book.
Rose was a Harvard Professor, who with her husband, were commissioned to study what amount and type of food was required to feed the whole world’s population everday.Being scientists they broke the study into 2 basic premises;

  1. Were the nutritional requirements of Women different than Men
  2. If they were different requirements, what were those requirements and what foods provided the minimum requirements for each.

    Her studies revealed the following:
  • Healthy and fit women, from puberty to late in life, should have approximately twice the body fat of a Healthy and fit man(please understand there are many types of body fat, some good, some undesirable)
  • That from Birth and through out life women require different quantities of certain nutrients then men require
  • That when women’s body fat levels(ph level) fall below or above the narrow range for Optimal health, fertility is affected
  • That when women lose a certain proportion of their body weight within a short period of time, fertility is affected

Excess Acid in the body = Excess body weight in a form of fat comprised of stored acid.
So if you want to eliminate excess body fat, reduce your body acid level by living an Alkaline Lifestyle.
Besides infertility, one indication of an overly acidic body is vaginal yeast infections.

Did you know that the presence of vaginal yeast infections can be determined by using pH Test paper to check the vaginal secretions?
An acid test result will generally confirm the presence of an infection.

Please note: Some infections in the vagina can cause sterility.

Ask a Gynecologist and they will explain to you that this is a valid Medical Test.

Since conception is a two part process the man’s sperm also has to be in the proper pH range. Here is an excerpt from an article dealing with a home fertility test kit called “Fertell” which tests both a man and woman:

“Fertell comes with two tests: a motile sperm test for men and a hormone test for women.”
“Typically at a medical lab, the sample would be put through many more tests. The semen would be analyzed for volume, pH and viscosity, all of which can affect fertility. It would also be placed on a slide, where the sperm would be counted and analyzed. Then the sperm would be stained and evaluated in terms of size and shape.”

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