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What does the pH of Your Pool have to do with you?

Subtitle: pH Testing of Bodies of Water (Pun intended)

Summer time is here and for those who have a swimming pool the daily challenge is to keep the pool looking sparkling clear .If you have a pool or have ever maintained one you know about using a pH test kit.

I have had two pool homes and like many people I attempted to balance the pool pH myself, before delegating it to a Pool Service professional. I succeeded in pH balancing the pool, but only after 3 months of watching my pool turn from clear to green overnight and then back to an orange color before I figured out how to keep the chemical balance with in the proper range. Once I got the chemical ratios right the pH Level stayed within the proper range and the pool water was crystal clear.

So what does the pH of Your Pool have to do with you?

  • Like the swimming pool, you are a Body of Water with an optimal pH range
  • If your pH Balance gets out of whack, like the pool, you can turn green too!
  • Both the pool and the Human Body have chemical balances, which the pH Level reflects

Here are "excerpts" from an article I just read about the importance of maintaining your swimming pool pH level and what will happen if you don’t get it right:

News Day
Credit :Gary Dymski
Home Work

Crystal Clear
How to keep your pool as clean as the day you opened it
Date of article: June 7, 2007
“Now that your swimming pool is open for the season - it must be by now, right? - how do you keep the water sparkling clean?
What's water chemistry? In the world of swimming pools, it means regularly adding industry-designed chemicals to control microorganisms in the water. The right combination of chemicals not only keeps water cleaner, it can prolong the life of expensive equipment, from electrical components in the pump and filtering system to the pliable vinyl liners..”

“Regardless of the pool - in-ground or above - or its major sanitizing-additive - traditional chlorine or the newer salt-based systems - its water must be tested for pH, a measure of hydrogen ion concentration;”

“Total alkalinity is measuring the water's resistance to change in pH.”

The best for Last:
"The only way to really make sure your water is chemically balanced is to test it regularly,"

When I read this article I mused to myself the similarities and parallels of Swimming pools and the Human body.
Do you see it too?

How about the part where the article mentions how balancing the pH "can prolong the life of "expensive pumps,filters and linings?

The human body has a pump,filters and linings too,right?

Have you priced out a new Human heart lately?
Just like figuring out how to balance the swimming pool pH takes time and effort, so does adjusting the pH Balance of your body.

Yet unlike the pool your body is the most complex biological mechanism in the known universe.
If balancing a home pool is tough, what if you didn’t even know about, or how to balance the pool of water called your body?
If you have ever had a Blood Test done such as a CBC, and you have a copy, go check and you’ll find a Blood pH level indication on the report. If you never realized the importance of Body pH before, I suggest now is a good time to start learning the Life extending benefits of a properly pH Balanced body
If you mess up balancing the swimming pool you can just call in a Pool Service company and everything will be OK.
You can’t do that with your body. No drug will keep you balanced, no service company will keep you balanced, only living an Alkaline Lifestyle can do that.

Testing your body's pH daily is a good start.

To do that will require pH Testing paper.To get the correct type for testing, send an email requesting How To:

You will recieve a short report, "How to pH Test", and more information on how you can start extending the life of your body's pump,filters and linings.

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