Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soy and Men’s Sperm Count

Post Date: October 16, 2007

A small medical study, currently being discussed in the Health news, found that men who consume Soya products in their diet have lower sperm counts.

Picture:Woman's Reproductive Organs

Let us clarify the study’s findings.

  1. Many of the men in the study were overweight.
  2. The study was done with couples seeking treatment for INFERTILITY!
  3. This study did not divide up the men participants and feed half a set amount of Soya while the others did not consume any Soya
  4. The most glaring defect in the study results is based on asking the men participants whether they ate Soya and compared their sperm counts to whether they ate Soya!

Possibly the most overweight, unfit and docile men were the ones that were eating the Soya, in order to have a “healthy” diet and lose weight???? The study doesn’t clarify this as I understand it.

Note: Sperm count can be affected by stress, diet and alcohol and drug consummation.

The largest factor for low sperm count in overweight men can be estrogen production by the excessive body fat.

The pH level of the men’s urine was not even mentioned or possibly considered in the study.

It is a known science maxim that conception is pH dependent.

If the sperm and the egg are not at the right pH level, there is no conception.

The body’s pH level is determined by many things, all which must be in unison for the body to be at the right pH level.

A healthy, trim, active man with a proper total body pH level should not be concerned with consuming small quantities of soy in their diet. Tofu in the diet for such a man, is not going to affect fertility.

The watch word here is Balance.

One of the three Keys of the Alkaline Lifestyle is:


Excessive body weight in the form of stored Acid, with its’ resulting estrogen production, is the most likely cause of the low sperm count found in the study, not the consummation of soy.