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New Resources for pH Testing

For further study of pH, the following websites are recommended: Complex Scientific discussion of pH Great discussion of pH and its' meaning through out modern life.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soy and Men’s Sperm Count

Post Date: October 16, 2007

A small medical study, currently being discussed in the Health news, found that men who consume Soya products in their diet have lower sperm counts.

Picture:Woman's Reproductive Organs

Let us clarify the study’s findings.

  1. Many of the men in the study were overweight.
  2. The study was done with couples seeking treatment for INFERTILITY!
  3. This study did not divide up the men participants and feed half a set amount of Soya while the others did not consume any Soya
  4. The most glaring defect in the study results is based on asking the men participants whether they ate Soya and compared their sperm counts to whether they ate Soya!

Possibly the most overweight, unfit and docile men were the ones that were eating the Soya, in order to have a “healthy” diet and lose weight???? The study doesn’t clarify this as I understand it.

Note: Sperm count can be affected by stress, diet and alcohol and drug consummation.

The largest factor for low sperm count in overweight men can be estrogen production by the excessive body fat.

The pH level of the men’s urine was not even mentioned or possibly considered in the study.

It is a known science maxim that conception is pH dependent.

If the sperm and the egg are not at the right pH level, there is no conception.

The body’s pH level is determined by many things, all which must be in unison for the body to be at the right pH level.

A healthy, trim, active man with a proper total body pH level should not be concerned with consuming small quantities of soy in their diet. Tofu in the diet for such a man, is not going to affect fertility.

The watch word here is Balance.

One of the three Keys of the Alkaline Lifestyle is:


Excessive body weight in the form of stored Acid, with its’ resulting estrogen production, is the most likely cause of the low sperm count found in the study, not the consummation of soy.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Body Mass Index and pH Testing: A Healthy Pair

The following article illustrates why your pH level, as measured in your early morning urine, is a more reliable indicator of Health than the weight scale or BMI measurement. A skinny person who has Stored acid (internal “fat” around organs) will have it picked up by the pH Test; while relying on the weight scale and a good BMI alone will deceive them into thinking they are healthy, while as the report in the article shows, that may not be the case.

pH testing shows who is healthy.

To get a short Free Guide "How to Test Your pH" sent back to your email box just send an email to:

Just write or copy and paste in the subject Line of your email:

Request for pH Test Guide

And press SEND. The guide will be sent to you immediately.

I hear it constantly from people, that they "feel" healthy, while their pH Test first thing in the morning shows they are acidic.

They are on a collision course with reality.

You can not go by how you feel alone, when determining what course to take concerning your health. If how you "feel" was the best determining factor in decision making then drunks and drug addicts would be the healthiest people! Ask some one who is an addict, drug or otherwise; they will tell you how they "feel" good by what they do, while to even the lowest level of intellect it is obvious the addict’s health is deteriorating, yet they "feel" good.
Time is one of two factors in this equation of deception and denial, time being the main concept and constant. Ones behavior is the other factor.

Going by how one feels ALONE, is the most dangerous form of guidance in making health decisions!

Once you are pH Balanced you will feel great, so for the emotionally challenged who have been in mental anguish while reading this so far, rejoice, you can feel good while doing what brings health, you just have to deal with delayed gratification. Most Health Coaches dance around telling people plainly that they can not go by how they feel when making health decisions. While it is wisdom, that it is not what you say but how you say it in most cases, when people are on a course towards premature DEATH, it does not apply, IF you are honest!

Something to Think about
Here is a surprising conclusion I and many others have come to:

  1. Education has a small part to play in the LONG run for those who attain and keep health.

  2. Determination and the power of belief and will are the determining factors in the Journey Back to Health.
Factor # 2 above you might say,trumps #1 every time,because what good is knowledge if you don't do,or in other words,apply what you know?

If I know one thing, it is this; those who understand this concept of belief and will, will be blessed in their life and health, generally those who don't, won't.

The article quoted and included below mentions BMI, Body Mass Index.
The BMI is still a good guide for measuring health in my opinion.

Combined with checking your pH everyday, the BMI will help guide you to your Optimal Health Lifestyle goals

Here is the Link to the Center for Disease Control website BMI Calculator,
where you just enter the numbers and it does the figuring for you:

The BMI is calculated by using the following equation:

Formula: weight (lb) / [ height (in) ]2 x 703
Calculate BMI by:
dividing weight in pounds (lbs) by height in inches (in) squared

and then multiplying by a conversion factor of 703.

Example: Your Weight = 150 lbs, Your Height = 5’5” (65")

Calculation: [150 ÷ (65)2] x 703 = 24.96 BMI

The BMI guidelines are:

Below 18.5

18.5 – 24.9

25.0 – 29.9

30.0 and Above

Start of Article.
Thin people can be fat on the inside
Internal fat around organs can increase diabetes and heart risks
Credit:API News
Updated: 5:22 p.m. ET May 10, 2007

LONDON - If it really is what’s on the inside that counts, then a lot of thin people might be in trouble.
Some doctors now think that the internal fat surrounding vital organs like the heart, liver or pancreas — invisible to the naked eyecould be as dangerous as the more obvious external fat that bulges underneath the skin.
“Being thin doesn’t automatically mean you’re not fat,” said Dr. Jimmy Bell, a professor of molecular imaging at Imperial College, London. Since 1994, Bell and his team have scanned nearly 800 people with MRI machines to create “fat maps” showing where people store fat.
According to the data, people who maintain their weight through diet rather than exercise are likely to have major deposits of internal fat, even if they are otherwise slim. “The whole concept of being fat needs to be redefined,” said Bell, whose research is funded by Britain’s Medical Research Council.

Without a clear warning signal — like a rounder middle — doctors worry that thin people may be lulled into falsely assuming that because they’re not overweight, they’re healthy.

“Just because someone is lean doesn’t make them immune to diabetes or other risk factors for heart disease,” said Dr. Louis Teichholz, chief of cardiology at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, who was not involved in Bell’s research.

Even people with normal Body Mass Index scores — a standard obesity measure that divides your weight by the square of your height — can have surprising levels of fat deposits inside.

Of the women scanned by Bell and his colleagues, as many as 45 percent of those with normal BMI scores (20 to 25) actually had excessive levels of internal fat. Among men, the percentage was nearly 60 percent.

Relating the news to what Bell calls “TOFIs” — people who are “thin outside, fat inside” — is rarely uneventful. “The thinner people are, the bigger the surprise,” he said, adding the researchers even found TOFIs among people who are professional models.

According to Bell, people who are fat on the inside are essentially on the threshold of being obese. They eat too many fatty, sugary foods — and exercise too little to work it off — but they are not eating enough to actually be fat. Scientists believe we naturally accumulate fat around the belly first, but at some point, the body may start storing it elsewhere.
Still, most experts believe that being of normal weight is an indicator of good health, and that BMI is a reliable measurement.
“BMI won’t give you the exact indication of where fat is, but it’s a useful clinical tool,” said Dr. Toni Steer, a nutritionist at Britain’s Medical Research Council.

Unhealthy skinny peopleDoctors are unsure about the exact dangers of internal fat, but some suspect it contributes to the risk of heart disease and diabetes. They theorize that internal fat disrupts the body’s communication systems. The fat enveloping internal organs might be sending the body mistaken chemical signals to store fat inside organs like the liver or pancreas. This could ultimately lead to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, or heart disease

Experts have long known that fat, active people can be healthier than their skinny, inactive counterparts. “Normal-weight persons who are sedentary and unfit are at much higher risk for mortality than obese persons who are active and fit,” said Dr. Steven Blair, an obesity expert at the University of South Carolina.

For example, despite their ripples of fat, super-sized Sumo wrestlers probably have a better metabolic profile than some of their slim, sedentary spectators, Bell said. That’s because the wrestlers’ fat is primarily stored under the skin, not streaking throughout their vital organs and muscles.

The good news is that internal fat can be easily burned off through exercise or even by improving your diet. Web Link:(Alkaline Lifestyle!)

“Even if you don’t see it on your bathroom scale, caloric restriction and physical exercise have an aggressive effect on visceral fat,” said Dr. Bob Ross, an obesity expert at Queen’s University in Canada.
Because many factors contribute to heart disease, Teichholz says it’s difficult to determine the precise danger of internal fat — though it certainly doesn’t help.
“Obesity is a risk factor, but it’s lower down on the totem pole of risk factors,” he said, explaining that whether or not people smoke, their family histories and blood pressure and cholesterol rates are more important determinants than both external and internal fat.
When it comes to being fit, experts say there is no short-cut. “If you just want to look thin, then maybe dieting is enough,” Bell said. “But if you want to actually be healthy, then exercise has to be an important component of your lifestyle.” End of Article.

Free Weights are a Low Cost, Easy and Convenient way to get exercise everyday.
Health Tip:
Grab weights, standup while watching TV, go through simple routine for 15 minutes and Lose weight.
When every one comments on How Great You Look,

Tell them you got that way while watching TV!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Let me Count the Ways

Is pH important to your Health?
Does it really matter what you eat?

The following is a list of processes that depend on pH being exactly at the right level :

  1. Swimming Pools
  2. All Agriculture
  3. Water Treatment
  4. Almost EVERY Chemical Manufacturing Processes
  5. Medical testing
  6. All life on Earth

The list could be quite long if it was broken down to every single instance where pH determines the result.

As to Number #6. All life on Earth:
Almost all known life on earth lives within the 6.0 to 8.0 pH range.
Within that range different life forms exist at distinct pH levels. Most of what is called Cancer in humans exists at a more acidic level then the general pH level of a healthy human body.There are cancers that exist at a more alkaline level then the human body ,but they are fewer then the known ones that are acidic.
*What happens when acidic cancer in humans is subject to more alkalinity? Based on most research in the field of Cancer, as it relates to the human pH level, the cancer goes into remission.
I personally have experienced it. When I was in an acidic level as measured by my urine pH every morning, my health was impaired, when I achieved an optimal pH level, as measured by urine pH,I was healthy.*

The seemingly constant theme heard around the world in the general media sources, is that there is no cure for cancer.
There have been hundreds of BILLIONS of US dollars spent in the “War on Cancer” to find a “Cure”, yet it is still generally reported there is no cure for Cancer.
Go back and reread the paragraph bracketed with the *Asterisks*.

If you can grasp the simple truth of what the paragraph stated and apply it to your life you can live cancer free all the days of your life.
The preceding statement is true, but excludes having being subjected to:

  • chemical toxins in large dosages and
  • nuclear radiation

Did you know that there are 10’s of thousands of people that have overcome cancer that went on to live healthy productive lives, all with out Chemotherapy, Radiation and surgery?
In a study of Cancer survivors, that went through Chemotherapy, Radiation and surgery, that lived more than 10 years after their conventional treatment, the one thing that was common to them all, was that they changed their lifestyle habits.

From the same study, it was found that the people who died within a few years after their treatment, HAD NOT made any appreciable changes to their lifestyle habits.

What Lifestyle habit changes did the 10 year survivors, who had used conventional medical procedures, make?

  • They cut back dramatically their consummation of red meats and of meats in general.
  • They began to exercise regularly
  • They began to pray and meditate(they reduced STRESS)
  • They drank large quantities of water daily
  • They ate more FRESH vegetables and fruits
  • They used supplements to increase their nutritional uptake.

The questions are:

  • What would have been the outcome, if early in their lives; ALL the persons involved in the study had lived ALL the lifestyle habits that the 10 year survivors had adopted, after being diagnosed with cancer?
  • IF this Lifestyle is a “cure” for cancer, why isn’t the knowledge of it made mandatory study in all schools across America and the world?

Basically with out knowing it, most of the people who don’t experience cancer live an Alkaline Lifestyle.

Being simple minded and or ignorant is the leading cause of Cancer.
Do you see?
We are slaves to our habits, so make sure you have good habits!

I am your constant companion.

I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden.
I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.
I am completely at your command.

Half of the things you do you might as well turn over to me and I will do them - quickly and correctly.

I am easily managed - you must be firm with me.
Show me exactly how you want something done and after a few lessons, I will do it automatically.

I am the servant of great people,
and alas, of all failures as well.
Those who are great, I have made great.
Those who are failures, I have made failures.

I am not a machine though
I work with the precision of a machine
plus the intelligence of a person.

You may run me for profit or run me for ruin -
it makes no difference to me.

Take me, train me, be firm with me, and
I will place the world at your feet.

Be easy with me and I will destroy you.

Who am I? I am Habit.

“Reprove a wise man and he will love you, reprove a fool and he will never let you forget it.”

Monday, June 11, 2007

pH and Fertility

Did you know that for Human conception to occur Both the Sperm and Egg must be at exactly 7.4 pH?
Not 7.0, not 7.7 but 7.4 which is slightly Alkaline. It is amazing that the beginning of Human Life starts in an Alkaline environment, or it doesn’t start at all!

One of the Secrets to a long and healthy Life is to live an Alkaline Lifestyle.

Because the Vagina and Uterus in a woman are part of their body, it is obvious that there will be a connection to the pH of those organs with the overall pH of the Entire Human Body.

For example: If you jump in the ocean and the temperature of the ocean is 68 degrees and you are 98.6 degrees, eventually you are going to be 68 degrees. The ocean is not going to be warmed by you, but you are going to be cooled by it to its temperature of 68 degrees.
Just like you in the example above, the reproductive organs can only sustain their proper pH environment if the general body pH level is in the right range.

Once the body’s pH range becomes acidic so will the various organs in the body.
On the premise that being overweight is the body’s response to too high a level of general body Acidity, that would explain why in the South Florida Area, the number one stated reason for women having Bariatric Surgery is to be able to have children. The reasons why female fertility decreases or stops, in relation to body fat and pH levels, are explained more fully in a book entitled:
Female Fertility and the Body Fat Connection by Rose Frisch
Check for availability

If you are having Fertility problems, I recommend both the man and woman read the Book.
Rose was a Harvard Professor, who with her husband, were commissioned to study what amount and type of food was required to feed the whole world’s population everday.Being scientists they broke the study into 2 basic premises;

  1. Were the nutritional requirements of Women different than Men
  2. If they were different requirements, what were those requirements and what foods provided the minimum requirements for each.

    Her studies revealed the following:
  • Healthy and fit women, from puberty to late in life, should have approximately twice the body fat of a Healthy and fit man(please understand there are many types of body fat, some good, some undesirable)
  • That from Birth and through out life women require different quantities of certain nutrients then men require
  • That when women’s body fat levels(ph level) fall below or above the narrow range for Optimal health, fertility is affected
  • That when women lose a certain proportion of their body weight within a short period of time, fertility is affected

Excess Acid in the body = Excess body weight in a form of fat comprised of stored acid.
So if you want to eliminate excess body fat, reduce your body acid level by living an Alkaline Lifestyle.
Besides infertility, one indication of an overly acidic body is vaginal yeast infections.

Did you know that the presence of vaginal yeast infections can be determined by using pH Test paper to check the vaginal secretions?
An acid test result will generally confirm the presence of an infection.

Please note: Some infections in the vagina can cause sterility.

Ask a Gynecologist and they will explain to you that this is a valid Medical Test.

Since conception is a two part process the man’s sperm also has to be in the proper pH range. Here is an excerpt from an article dealing with a home fertility test kit called “Fertell” which tests both a man and woman:

“Fertell comes with two tests: a motile sperm test for men and a hormone test for women.”
“Typically at a medical lab, the sample would be put through many more tests. The semen would be analyzed for volume, pH and viscosity, all of which can affect fertility. It would also be placed on a slide, where the sperm would be counted and analyzed. Then the sperm would be stained and evaluated in terms of size and shape.”

To learn more about Baby making as it relates to pH, Order the Audio Cd:

Women’s Reproductive Health Audio Cd # 22 of The Alkaline Lifestyle Audio Series
64 minutes in length
Price: $29.95 with Free shipping included
To get a copy along with a Free Email Report entitled:
21 Things You Can do to Increase Your Fertility just send Your order to:

Place in your subject line of your Email: Women’s Reproductive Health
And include your ordering information in the Body of the email.
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754-423-3412 Direct

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What does the pH of Your Pool have to do with you?

Subtitle: pH Testing of Bodies of Water (Pun intended)

Summer time is here and for those who have a swimming pool the daily challenge is to keep the pool looking sparkling clear .If you have a pool or have ever maintained one you know about using a pH test kit.

I have had two pool homes and like many people I attempted to balance the pool pH myself, before delegating it to a Pool Service professional. I succeeded in pH balancing the pool, but only after 3 months of watching my pool turn from clear to green overnight and then back to an orange color before I figured out how to keep the chemical balance with in the proper range. Once I got the chemical ratios right the pH Level stayed within the proper range and the pool water was crystal clear.

So what does the pH of Your Pool have to do with you?

  • Like the swimming pool, you are a Body of Water with an optimal pH range
  • If your pH Balance gets out of whack, like the pool, you can turn green too!
  • Both the pool and the Human Body have chemical balances, which the pH Level reflects

Here are "excerpts" from an article I just read about the importance of maintaining your swimming pool pH level and what will happen if you don’t get it right:

News Day
Credit :Gary Dymski
Home Work

Crystal Clear
How to keep your pool as clean as the day you opened it
Date of article: June 7, 2007
“Now that your swimming pool is open for the season - it must be by now, right? - how do you keep the water sparkling clean?
What's water chemistry? In the world of swimming pools, it means regularly adding industry-designed chemicals to control microorganisms in the water. The right combination of chemicals not only keeps water cleaner, it can prolong the life of expensive equipment, from electrical components in the pump and filtering system to the pliable vinyl liners..”

“Regardless of the pool - in-ground or above - or its major sanitizing-additive - traditional chlorine or the newer salt-based systems - its water must be tested for pH, a measure of hydrogen ion concentration;”

“Total alkalinity is measuring the water's resistance to change in pH.”

The best for Last:
"The only way to really make sure your water is chemically balanced is to test it regularly,"

When I read this article I mused to myself the similarities and parallels of Swimming pools and the Human body.
Do you see it too?

How about the part where the article mentions how balancing the pH "can prolong the life of "expensive pumps,filters and linings?

The human body has a pump,filters and linings too,right?

Have you priced out a new Human heart lately?
Just like figuring out how to balance the swimming pool pH takes time and effort, so does adjusting the pH Balance of your body.

Yet unlike the pool your body is the most complex biological mechanism in the known universe.
If balancing a home pool is tough, what if you didn’t even know about, or how to balance the pool of water called your body?
If you have ever had a Blood Test done such as a CBC, and you have a copy, go check and you’ll find a Blood pH level indication on the report. If you never realized the importance of Body pH before, I suggest now is a good time to start learning the Life extending benefits of a properly pH Balanced body
If you mess up balancing the swimming pool you can just call in a Pool Service company and everything will be OK.
You can’t do that with your body. No drug will keep you balanced, no service company will keep you balanced, only living an Alkaline Lifestyle can do that.

Testing your body's pH daily is a good start.

To do that will require pH Testing paper.To get the correct type for testing, send an email requesting How To:

You will recieve a short report, "How to pH Test", and more information on how you can start extending the life of your body's pump,filters and linings.

And please visit:

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Fires Within: Acid caused Inflammation as the cause of Most Disease

Follow up to the Post on Alzheimer's.

In a February 23 2004 front page article in Time Magazine there was an article entitled:
The Fires Within.

When people ask me why I test my pH daily with pH paper,I mention The Fires Within article.

The premise of the article is that Inflammation in the Human Body is the probable source of all disease.The article was by Christine Gorman and is available from Time magazine as a download at Time Archives.The article is 8 web pages long and filled with brilliant insights into the acid and alkaline balance of the human body.

Here is a nugget from the Time article:

"Indeed, half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. Not only that, as imaging techniques improved, doctors found, much to their surprise, that the most dangerous plaques weren't necessarily all that large."

My thoughts:
The article is laced with references to Drugs.Yet it hints that drugs are not the solution but that Lifestyle and Diet are.

I recommend :
  1. Watch the Charlie Rose Show Interview of Christine Gorman,Dr. Peter Libby and Dr. Valentine Fuster.
  • The show is 28 minutes long.
  • The Show date was 02/17/2004

In case the link is broken in the above Link Charlie Rose Show Interview :

The website to find the Archived show is:

Then in the search box enter: Christine Gorman / Check as a search for: Guest

The Tag Line on the Video will be : A discussion about chronic inflammation.

When I watched the show after Reading the Time Magazine article,I was elated that the spell of ;Feel Bad,take a Drug, is being dispelled.
I buried my father from the effects of Prostate cancer and several heart attacks.
My father was a classic case of an acidic lifestyle.Acid reflux,heart disease.high blood pressure,overweight and stress were his constant companions until his death at 55 years of age.From age 7 until when I was 19,when he died,I learned first hand about Drugs ,medicine,surgery and Lifestyle.
Later on in my life when I met people who lived a Healthy Lifestyle, I saw the proof of the connection between Healthy Lifestyle and being disease free.
In my opinion:
Testing your pH daily is one of the simplest and easy ways to determine how well you are doing in living a Optimal Healthy Life.

For literaly pennies a day you can have your pH test results in Hand (pun intended), within seconds, 30 seconds being the time for the pH paper to give an indication.

For How to Live the Alkaline Lifestyle.

For How To pH Test

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Could this be the answer to Alzheimers?

Why pH Test?

Testing urine pH every morning between the hours of 5:00 am – 8:00 am is something I have done for over 11 years. I recall in the beginning how the pH Test paper wouldn’t even change its yellow color for months on end. Finally after about 6 months one morning it was light greenish-yellow. Celebration!!!!

If you are new to the idea of pH Testing this may sound bizarre; pee on paper, it changes color and that’s cause for celebration?
The answer is YES!

I promise I’LL tie it all together in the next 400 words.

Just out today on Yahoo News /ABC Video was a report issued by Dr Tim Johnson about a study on Alzheimer’s that tracked 290 elderly people for five (5) years.

Using blood and cognitive tests at the beginning of the study, the 290 people were determined to be with out any signs of Dementia.

Over the next five years those 290 people were tracked and tested and it was determined that those with the highest level of inflammation;
Were twice as likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

What does testing pH determine?
The level of inflammation causing acid in the body!
As I said previously: Celebration!!! Yellow to greenish-yellow! God, life is Good.

How did I change my pH Level over six months?

That’s easy:

  • I stopped putting acid forming foods in my mouth.
  • I started putting Alkaline Foods in my mouth.
  • I started drinking pure alkaline water with a vegetable powder mixed into it, sometimes up to 4 quarts a day.
  • I filled my body with Fats, Fats That Heal; such as flax, borage, primrose and bran oil blend, a perfect ratio of 3-6-9 Omega Oils.
  • I started LIGHT exercise, such as rebounding, walking and cycling.

    After 17 months my pH level was 6.8 and above, first thing every morning.

Another benefit was that my athletic ability exceeded any thing I could determine was possible according to conventional sports training knowledge.
I believe the athletic increase was due to having such a high level of Alkaline ph Buffers in my body, that the limiting factor of lactic acid build up by exercise was reduced, so my endurance increased along with general body strength.

How does all this apply to Alzheimer’s?

If your Alkaline buffers are first, not depleted, and second, properly maintained then where is the (Acid) inflammation going to come from?

I am not being simple minded here.

pH of the Human body is one of the most complex subsets in the study of the Health research.Yet just like E=mc2 is a simple formula, that denotes all the complexietes of a nuclear reaction,which by the way,is occuring second by second in your flesh,the pH level is the simple expression of the thousands of things happening in your body at the atomic level.

Another finding of the study as reported by Dr Tim Johnson was that drugs used for general body inflammation did not reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s in the study.

I want to see the study done that tracks everything the Seniors drank and ate, and its correlation to those who have high inflammation and those who do not.
Perhaps it has been done and I’m not aware of it.

Now let us bring all this to what can you do, and how can you apply it to your daily life.

My experience has shown that every person I have ever interviewed over a 12 year period, that had disease, had high acid levels in their urine first thing in the morning. All of them ,bar none,Period!
Those who had high acid levels and then changed their Lifestyle over a long period of time, soon were Alkaline, and soon had no more disease.

They were few who followed through with the changes out of the many that began, but it worked for those who lived it!

Could this be part of the answer to Alzheimer’s?

Prevention Rather Then Cure.

When will you start your Journey Back to Health?

If you have begun,are you headed in the right direction?

Find out.

For more information such as where to purchase the correct pH Test Paper, How to pH Test and for more information on the Alkaline Lifestyle send an Email to:

Friday, May 25, 2007

First Post of the Blog

Hello, this is the first Post of the Blog

To start the thread of this Blog it seems the best way to begin, is with my first Key Point:
The pH balance of the human body is one of the critical measures of well-being or disease.
People with Cancer, almost always have an Acidic pH level of urine, when measured from the first urine of the day.

To relate pH to something we all know, the temperature of the human body is always around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take a degree. Almost all of us know how bad we feel that when our body temperature rises three degrees above or below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. As most of us can attest to, when our body temperature rises to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, our bodies are out balance to the point that we are confined to our beds. Considering that (3) Three degrees is less than three percent of a change in our normal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a narrow Healthy range.

Important Key point: The normal pH level of human blood is 7.365 at all times.

The pH level of your body's blood is so critical to your health and well-being, that if the pH level of your blood was to change from 7.365 to 7.265 for an extended period of time, it would result in disease symptomatology.

The pH scale ranges from (-5) Pure Acid to (14) Pure Alkaline. It is an logarithmic scale, meaning that every 1 point change on the scale is a change in quantity of either positive or negative ions by a factor of 10 times in Quantity!
The good news is that you have control of your body pH Balance and can check it daily in the comfort and privacy of your home for pennies a day.
On the next Post I'll relate Food and Lifestyle to pH Balance.