Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Could this be the answer to Alzheimers?

Why pH Test?

Testing urine pH every morning between the hours of 5:00 am – 8:00 am is something I have done for over 11 years. I recall in the beginning how the pH Test paper wouldn’t even change its yellow color for months on end. Finally after about 6 months one morning it was light greenish-yellow. Celebration!!!!

If you are new to the idea of pH Testing this may sound bizarre; pee on paper, it changes color and that’s cause for celebration?
The answer is YES!

I promise I’LL tie it all together in the next 400 words.

Just out today on Yahoo News /ABC Video was a report issued by Dr Tim Johnson about a study on Alzheimer’s that tracked 290 elderly people for five (5) years.

Using blood and cognitive tests at the beginning of the study, the 290 people were determined to be with out any signs of Dementia.

Over the next five years those 290 people were tracked and tested and it was determined that those with the highest level of inflammation;
Were twice as likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

What does testing pH determine?
The level of inflammation causing acid in the body!
As I said previously: Celebration!!! Yellow to greenish-yellow! God, life is Good.

How did I change my pH Level over six months?

That’s easy:

  • I stopped putting acid forming foods in my mouth.
  • I started putting Alkaline Foods in my mouth.
  • I started drinking pure alkaline water with a vegetable powder mixed into it, sometimes up to 4 quarts a day.
  • I filled my body with Fats, Fats That Heal; such as flax, borage, primrose and bran oil blend, a perfect ratio of 3-6-9 Omega Oils.
  • I started LIGHT exercise, such as rebounding, walking and cycling.

    After 17 months my pH level was 6.8 and above, first thing every morning.

Another benefit was that my athletic ability exceeded any thing I could determine was possible according to conventional sports training knowledge.
I believe the athletic increase was due to having such a high level of Alkaline ph Buffers in my body, that the limiting factor of lactic acid build up by exercise was reduced, so my endurance increased along with general body strength.

How does all this apply to Alzheimer’s?

If your Alkaline buffers are first, not depleted, and second, properly maintained then where is the (Acid) inflammation going to come from?

I am not being simple minded here.

pH of the Human body is one of the most complex subsets in the study of the Health research.Yet just like E=mc2 is a simple formula, that denotes all the complexietes of a nuclear reaction,which by the way,is occuring second by second in your flesh,the pH level is the simple expression of the thousands of things happening in your body at the atomic level.

Another finding of the study as reported by Dr Tim Johnson was that drugs used for general body inflammation did not reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s in the study.

I want to see the study done that tracks everything the Seniors drank and ate, and its correlation to those who have high inflammation and those who do not.
Perhaps it has been done and I’m not aware of it.

Now let us bring all this to what can you do, and how can you apply it to your daily life.

My experience has shown that every person I have ever interviewed over a 12 year period, that had disease, had high acid levels in their urine first thing in the morning. All of them ,bar none,Period!
Those who had high acid levels and then changed their Lifestyle over a long period of time, soon were Alkaline, and soon had no more disease.

They were few who followed through with the changes out of the many that began, but it worked for those who lived it!

Could this be part of the answer to Alzheimer’s?

Prevention Rather Then Cure.

When will you start your Journey Back to Health?

If you have begun,are you headed in the right direction?

Find out.

For more information such as where to purchase the correct pH Test Paper, How to pH Test and for more information on the Alkaline Lifestyle send an Email to:

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