Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stress and Your Body pH Level

Your emotional state affects the pH level in your body.

Picture:Man at work fatigued from stress.

In a study published online in the European Heart Journal on January 23, 2008 the results of studying 10,308 male and female civil servants aged 35–55 who worked in London, England.The study began in 1985 with interviews and testing and the participants were tracked for (14) fourteen years.

The results: People experiencing work stress were more than twice as likely to have heart disease than those without work stress.

One of the findings: stress affected the neuron-endocrine system, causing higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in workers tending towards anxiety.

Coritsol is produced in the Adrenal Gland. Adrenal failure is one of the results of living with stress.

Your thoughts are as real as any physical object you have ever felt, touched or physically handled.

When teaching about the effects of stress, one of the examples I use, is to paint a vivid word picture of a Lion rushing into a room with only one exit .It then proceeds to tear apart the person sitting next to you. The lion never touches you, but begins to chase you out the door. After some running you escape the lion and then a fully equipped blood testing laboratory on wheels pulls up and your blood is analyzed. Now recall the lion never touched you though it did kill and partially eat the person sitting right next to you.

Upon analyzing your blood it would be found that your hormone levels are in such a state that if your body maintained that level you would soon die. How could that be, the lion never touched you to physically affect your body, yet your whole body chemistry has gone acidic, Why?

Thoughts are things in the body.

King Solomon’s wisdom: As a man thinks, so it shall be.

Shakespeare: Nothing of its own self is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

The Christian Bible: “If anything be pure, if anything be Holy, think on these things”.

It has been scientifically proved in this age, Stress kills.

So eliminating or controlling stress is just as important as eating Alkaline Forming foods and liquids. If you do everything perfect in the part of the Alkaline Lifestyle that deals with the material world it will mitigate the effects of stress, yet the more perfect way is to achieve peace of mind.

Dr Dean Ornish showed this in his work with Coronary heart disease patients. The greatest improvement of Coronary health in his patients came from those who learned to relax at will, no matter what the emotional environment around them. This would explain to a large degree, how some people who drink and smoke live to be 90 years old. I have met these types of people, and the one thing about most of them was their lack of stress. They dealt with stress by sucking on the pacifier of a cigarette and cast their cares to the intoxication of alcohol. The trade off, they suffered physical damage, yet the lack of stress yielded the greater return.

Just think how long they could of lived if they had done all things right!

One factor that is prevalent among most persons who live beyond 100 years of age is that they do not let anger reside in their heart, no pun intended.


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Anonymous said...

Peace! I am begining the gathering of information on balancing the correct PH of my body and am thankful to have come accross your blog.
I agree whole heartedly with the very important message of our thoughts being a part of, or in relation, with our total body.
Nothing happens outward until it is fueled by a thought or idea. That is what causes our form to move in action. Therefor, I find that as I journey further in the intent to understand my SELF, I move from one important study to the next. That has landed me in this place of exploring how PH affects the form that we come to see by way of the very atoms that mix, to build our bodies.
Life is relationship, not only in the communion we have with others but also in our relationship to our thoughts and ideas which cause even our cells to take action.

Thank you for your passion to share the knowledge you have come to understand, I will be back!


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Excellent thoughts! I know how the body can become toxic and need a flush but to consider such a close relationship between thoughts and body chemicals is a wonderful new terrain!

Nikita said...


I am agree with your views. Emotional state and stress affects the PH level of human body. People who are too much busy and stresses towards their work, have greater chances of heart attacks because PH level of the body is dismissed by the stress. Stress also affects neuron-endocrine system so may be dangerous to health.

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Thanks a lot.

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